Getting Back to Basics: The Carer’s Lexicon

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In our busy day to day lives I have found that people will often use acronyms, assuming their listener/reader understands. This is not always the case. It is not only the younger generation that is using new terms (what exactly is a meme?), but those of us in the caregiving world also embrace our own jargon.

While I try to be cognizant of using proper names rather than acronyms or abbreviations, it is not always done. As such, I am attaching a link to a previously published ‘Terms to Know’ article which provides a list of frequently used terms and acronyms. While it is not exhaustive, it provides a good starting point.

Within the dementia specific community, there are a number of terms as well, including for the PLWD (Person Living With Dementia). I have attached this glossary of terms relating to alzheimers disease from the Cleveland Clinic.

Next time you get a prescription it may be helpful to know if it is to be taken p.o or p.r.

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