Giving Thanks

Originally posted in on April 16, 2014:

This week many families will gather together to celebrate Spring and the holidays that are celebrated at this time of year. We were 16 around my table this past Monday evening as we retold the story- in fact many stories were retold.

My grandmother’s crystal wine glasses were enjoyed as were my mother in law’s china tea cups. The linen showed signs of the many wine drops that had been spilled over the generations. Each item on the table had a story. What was particularly interesting was that each story teller told a different version of the same events. A different yet familiar memory that was invoked by the holiday foods and the sharing of wine and song. Every year, deceased family members are remembered and missed. Every year the family members who are no longer speaking to one another are remembered and discussed; the reasons that they may no longer be speaking together, long forgotten. As we remember past holidays and previous family gatherings we are fortunately able to form new traditions. For the past we are grateful, for the present we give thanks and for the future we are hopeful. Happy Spring!

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