Grateful to have had time to say goodbye

It is with the heaviest of heart that I write today’s blog after saying my final goodbye to my mother. My mother often inspired my writings and most Monday’s she would send me a note, saying no more than ‘ hi lovey, good blog today’. It took a little while  to show her that if she hit reply, it went to the webmaster and that she could either forward or start a new  message to me. And she did.

We are never prepared and I, like so many before me, don’t really know how dark and deep one’s sadness can be.

My mom lived independently in Montreal and the isolation was tough on her. However as soon as we were able, which was just 2 weeks ago, we picked her up and drove her back to spend time here, with my family. She was happy and thrilled to be with us, and as she said, finally starting to feel like her old self. It was just not meant to be. Seven days later, she collapsed and less than 24 hours later, she died. Quickly, painlessly and so fortunately, not alone. I am comforted that she did not suffer and that truly, she lived fully- independently, witty and caring, right to the end.

Being a new member of the ‘orphan’s club’ is certainly one club you do not want to join.

My mom will continue to inspire me, my writings and my work and I am grateful to her.

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