Grave Gifts

September 20, 2011; By: Audrey Miller
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The week of mourning is over and the grieving and healing process continues. The sorting and distribution of personal and household items has commenced. It was made significantly easier by thoughtfulness and planning that had occurred over the last many years in advance and in preparedness for ‘tomorrow’. Many individuals, especially older individuals, find the thought of moving from their family home impossible to contemplate. Besides the memories, there is ‘the stuff’; the ‘stuff’ that is stored in boxes and in basements. Mementos from times past, birthday cards from friends and family, photos from earlier days, and items that have seemed to have always just been part of the family. They can be large or small, valuable from a financial and/or sentimental perspective or perhaps their significance has been long forgotten. As we opened drawers and cupboards, removed wall hangings and rolled up carpets, we found a gift. A name had been written and tucked into place; specifically Alice had identified who she wanted to give each item to. In her own handwriting she wrote the name of one of her children, so there would be no question as to who would get what item. Simple and so thoughtful.

Lesson Appreciated: Take some time in your own planning process by writing down your wishes in order to make the distribution of family treasures keepsakes, household and other sundry items easier on your family after your departure

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