Happy International Woman’s Day

Originally published at allaboutestates.ca.

Today is International Women’s Day and a wonderful opportunity to take pause and appreciate all the wonderful women with whom we live, work and love.

We know that woman live longer. In 2012 life expectancy at birth for males was 78.89 years and for woman 84.21 years. There are 500 women centenarians for every 100 men.
I used to joke that we live longer so we can have some peace and quiet. Perhaps it is because more woman are family carers than their male counterparts (60% ) and we are looking after each other and maybe ourselves alittle better.

Mother and daughters share a special bond as do mothers and sons- different for sure and perhaps alittle less emotionally charged. Sisters also share a very special bond; whether it is a sister by blood or a sister in name. To all my sisters- have a wonderful day!
-Audrey Miller

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