Happy Monday

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Yesterday was the first night of Chanukah and it was welcomed along with the first real, ground covering snow fall. Today the sun is shining and I am hopeful that all of the lovely white stuff, that is no longer white today, will melt away.

I baked holiday cookies yesterday and had a wonderful family dinner eating too many latkes. For many of us, traditions are a good thing; they are familiar and offer continuity between generations. From our grandparents, to our parents, to ourselves and to our children- the songs, the foods and the traditions hold strong. This year with restrictions currently lifted, families are getting together and some are travelling.

Snow birds have already made their plans for heading south for a few months this winter.  While we can all appreciate a great break from the cold, there are some other issues that should be part of the planning process.

For individuals living with a dementia, change is difficult- not only for themselves but for their family carers.   A few tips to consider:   Is it possible to bring a familiar paid caregiver along? Is it possible to arrange (in advance) to have a caregiver available in your new destination? Has their new location and phone number details been updated in their wallet or on their ID bracelet? Is there a new GPS device worth considering? Are there day activities that are available for stimulation, recreational, entertainment and respite care purposes? What out of country medical insurance has been purchased? Is Covid coverage provided?  Is their medical history and medication needs up to date and clearly outlined?  A pharmacy printout of their medications is a handy document. Are important papers, such as Powers of Attorney in place?  Have they suspended their personal emergency response system for the time they are away? (note: check if your provider will allow for suspension of service without a re-activation fee).  Some companies will allow you to transfer your communicator and your response help pendant to a local provider at your temporary address.

Routines are important for many so be aware of changes in the schedule that may take time to adjust to.

Happy Monday everyone and enjoy your day.

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