Have you had your ‘Check Up From the Neck Up*’?

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The events over the last few weeks highlight how fragile life is. Anyone of us could have been walking on that sidewalk on that fateful day; we just never know what life has in store for us. This blog isn’t about being prepared, which is a concept I endorse but as I was never a girl guide, I may not be as well prepared as some. Rather today’s blog is about dealing with ‘a series of unfortunate events’ (thank you Lemony Snicket) and the need to recognize that we are all impacted, one way or another; some very directly and others not as much. Good mental health is our goal and getting assistance to deal with trauma and negative stress is important.

Employee Assistance Providers (EAP) are often the go-to resource for those companies that subscribe and while I do not have the statistics readily available, I hope that more and more companies see the value. Dealing with loss, witnessing a tragedy, being involved in an accident, are events that we cannot plan for and we may not know how we will react until, if and when, that situation presents itself. Working with a social worker or counsellor can be very beneficial whether dealing with post traumatic stress or loss. If you don’t have access to EAP resources, check out your extended health benefit provider as the services of a registered social worker are frequently covered, as well as possibly massage, physio or psychological counselling. Elder Care services are also more common today and can provide direction and support to employed carers before they burn out.

Failing access to either of these employer programs, the Canadian Mental Health Association offers a wide range of support programs. So, as per Bell Canada’s slogan, ‘Let’s Talk’.

* http://checkupfromtheneckup.ca/

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