Having The Talk, From The Birds And The Bees To The Will, Estate And Final Wishes.

October 6, 2010; By: Audrey Miller
All About Estates

As discussed in previous blogs, choosing an executor is important, including whether it is a family member, one or two co-executors and/or a corporate or professional executor. At some point, parents should plan one having the next talk with their children. The talk about their will, pre arrangements and how they want their estate managed.

Having a family meeting is an excellent way to be able to sit down with all family members in order to ‘conduct business’. Assuming Powers of Attorney are already in place, the next order of business is to discuss your wishes, from an aging perspective and posthumously.
While family members may not agree amongst themselves, on any level, it is possible to have everyone be on the same page, as it comes to dealing with their parents as they age and decline.

Pick a time, when everyone can be present and attentive (ie. not during a meal), have an agenda, set some rules, and be prepared to schedule another family meeting. Also consider whether a neutral third party would be helpful in guiding the process.

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