Holidays and Family Traditions

by Audrey Miller on April 19, 2017

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This past week we celebrated Passover and Easter. Major holidays recognized with a statutory holiday attached, at least for the latter. I wonder however about the observance of these holidays and whether this has waned over the years.

For me and perhaps for many of you, these holy days have a traditional familial connection rather than a religious one. The foods eaten, or perhaps the foods not eaten, while symbolic of a religious theme, also provide a familial custom. It is this connection and the lifelong memories associated with these annual holiday celebrations, which I believe remain with us. For me, it is the family gathering, the specialty foods and singing of songs that stay. I think for many with memory decline, this holds true as well. For those who lost a loved one, an empty seat at the holiday table can be particularly difficult.

For many, there is comfort in making a favorite holiday recipe that was previously made by a loved one who is no longer with us. While it may not taste the same, new traditions and new flavours can be welcomed as well. My husband and I were very fortunate this year to have my mother along with both of our sons join us and our new tradition included having additional extended family members join us who had not previously. I hope you too enjoyed a special Spring holiday season, however you celebrated.

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