How do I know when it is the right time for someone to be admitted to a nursing home?

Defining the right time is difficult. The answer depends on each person’s unique needs and circumstances. Remember to always talk to the person’s doctor to determine when or if nursing home placement is appropriate. Here are some situations to be aware of when deciding if the time is right to enter a nursing home:

An elder is being discharged from the hospital, but due to financial pressures or time limitations, returning home would not be in the best interest of the elder. A physician determines if the elder’s medical condition requires the skilled nursing services of a nursing facility.
The level of care that is needed by the elder is too demanding for the family or caregiver to handle, and the costs of home healthcare services are too expensive.
The elder shows a sharp decline in mental function.
There is concern about an elder’s safety while at home and alternative housing options are not appropriate.
The elder decides for personal reasons that a nursing home is where he or she would like to live.

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