June is Senior’s Month

Let me start this blog by expressing my sincere thanks to all of you who reached out to me last week.  Support during times of grief is so soothing and comforting and yet words do not quite make up for the warm embrace of friends and loved one who cannot be present or even if present, cannot physically be felt.  An online funeral and an on line shiva is not quite the same thing yet we do what we are able.  Several of us have lost family and friends during this pandemic and not necessarily due to Covid, yet nonetheless, tremendously impacted by it.  It is a time like none other.

June is Senior’s Recognition Month and while the government pays lip service to this group, we have seen how actions speak louder than words and the treatment provided to seniors in long term care facilities is far from caring. I hope that Ministry policy folks reflected long and hard this month on ways to improve care for seniors in our communities.  The Ministry of Seniors and Accessibility has shared the attached information sheet including some facts and ways to support seniors.  As you can tell, we still have a very long way to go….

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