Keeping Memories Alive

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It is hard enough when a loved one forgets; but it is also very painful when family forget …. about who the older person is and who they were. Many times older people are seen as just that old folks- who may be wrinkled, forgetful, stooped over and hard of hearing. But what about all of their experiences, history, successes and accomplishments?

I wanted to highlight some remarkable women, whose stories today may be forgotten by almost everyone; women in the twilight of their years who may be alone having outlived family and friends. These are women who all made incredible contributions and led remarkable lives. Betty Rich is one such lady who is now in her late 90’s and only a few years ago chronicled her own story in a book called: Betty Rich: Little Girl Lost.

Mrs. Rich tells of her war experience in occupied Poland and the hardships that she faced under the Nazis. It is also her story about hope and perseverance and in her words, ‘how we deal with our fate’.
Other remarkable women whose stories may be forgotten include trailblazers in their own right. Women who pursued careers in medicine and accounting in the 1930’s and made tremendous sacrifices along the way; for several of them this meant having a career over family. Sometimes we don’t know the person for who they are on the ‘inside’ and may only see them for who they are today which sadly may be a decaying shell of their former self.

The axiom, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is applicable. Lesson learnt: Get to know the person inside of the person you see.
Ps. on that note that are companies and apps that can help document someone’s story.

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