Keys in the Sugar Bowl? A ‘lost’ boot?

The missing boot…..

Last week I could not find my left boot. It is a lovely Blundstone suede that I have enjoyed wearing for several years. Of course I figured it could not be far….how does 1 boot go missing???

I checked EVERYWHERE. I emptied closets, drawers, garbage, recycling bins, laundry baskets, and the washer and dryer. It was nowhere to be found. Now I am well aware of the Alzheimers Society ad with the keys in the sugar bowl. I began to worry.
5 days later, after asking everyone who visited over the week, if they had accidently tried on/taken/shoved or moved my boot, I was no further ahead. Was someone playing a trick on me? Would someone actually hide my boot from me?
It is now day 6 and as my son was looking for his gloves, in the winter clothing storage bin ABOVE the closet, he reached in and voila, he found my left boot. He says that the bin had previously fallen and as he was shoving everything back in, my boot accidently joined the pile.
So good news all around. I found my boot and as of now, I will attribute whatever ‘forgetfulness’ that I may experience, as nothing to be concerned about- at least for now.

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