• Latest National Draft Standards for Long Term Care

    Originally published at allaboutestates.ca

    I spent much time yesterday reading the National Standard of Canada guidelines from the Health Standards Organization draft report on developing new standards for Long Term Care. This draft document is titled “Long-Term Care Services” (CAN/HSO 21001:2022).  I also read the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star articles nicely packaged by NIA in my inbox.

    At this time now two years into the pandemic, change within LTC is needed more than ever. The biggest requirement I see is for a fundamental shift to a  person centred philosophy with a ‘compassionate, team based approach’ to caring.  The document refers to ‘resident-centred/people-centred care (PCC). The question is how are they going to achieve this goal?

    Funding structures, guidelines, preferred care ratios, staffing security  and ensuring a living wage to employees are all part and parcel of this needed change.

    This is not going to be an easy process. I think we seriously need to consider what alternatives exist in addition to LTC, which today is often the choice of last resort….

    Have a good Monday.

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