The Maple Leafs, Mother’s Day and the Playoffs

The day after….
Mothers. We all had one. Sometimes we know them and sometimes we do not. We may not always like them, love them or get along with them. Sometimes we are able to recognize that we are just like them; perhaps sharing the very same traits that perhaps we would rather not see.

I have been so impressed by some of the mother- adult child relationships that I have had the pleasure to know in my work and others that have made me sad.
I am one of the lucky ones having a mother who is active, involved, contributing and enjoying her life. We watched the Leafs win last evening and while my mother was quick to tell me she is a Habs fan, we enjoyed the game together.

However at the same time, there are many of us who have loved and lost a mother. My thoughts are with you too.
And by the way, Go Leafs Go.

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