Let The Sunshine Show

July 20, 2011; By: Audrey Miller
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Last week, I blogged about saving for a rainy day and the requirement for many to use their money on themselves for their own care. I use the word requirement because the majority of client to staffing ratio in both public nursing homes and private retirement residences is not enough. For the fragile senior who has difficulty meeting his/her own basic needs including: difficulty walking, needing assistance with transfers and dressing, their care requirement far exceeds the physical assistance required. The emotional care component becomes critical and sadly, it is so often overlooked.

Imagine the client with dementia or those whose memories are blurred due to medication, when they wake up and do not know where they are. It is the hand holding and soothing words, which are a priceless component of care giving, that can make all the difference for the care recipient. It is this kindness and thoughtfulness in how the physical component of the care is delivered which cannot be not taught in the classroom. I have witnessed this kindness- often, I am glad to say; but it is not the norm.

While care residences are understaffed and the care providers who deliver the most intimate of care giving duties, are over worked, families often need to supplement the care plan. Next time, the challenge of hiring caregivers will be explored.

Thought for the day: A smile and kind word can make someone’s day-especially for those who are now in the receiving end zone.

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