Long Distance Caregiving Challenges

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April 5 was Provincial Family Caregiver Day.

Regardless of ones’ age and background, caregiving has its challenges.

I know that readers of this blog come from different provinces. I am not sure if we have followers from different countries and if so, we welcome hearing from you. However, regardless of where you live, you may have already found yourself providing care to someone who lives out of town.

Last week’s Globe and Mail published the article “Long-distance caregivers of the elderly torn between two locations”.   I am pleased to share these tips with you.

These Long Distance Caring tips include:

  1. Talk about it:  Determine what role each family member will play to avoid one family member being overly burdened.
  2. Consider an assessment to better understand current needs and wants
  3. How to stay in touch: Telephone, Skype, Webcam, Face to Face time
  4. Access local resources
  5. Ensure Powers of Attorney are in place
  6. Consider use of an organizer such as the Wellness Binder to keep track of important contacts, medications, health status, numbers and names for neighbours,doctors and pharmacy and
  7. You are not alone- strengthen your support system.

Regardless of the health issue, worrying about a loved one is stressful. While the internet has brought the world closer together, getting or giving a hug still needs a personal touch!  Other helpful resources include National Institute on Aging.

-Audrey Miller

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