Mementos and good memories

We will all experience loss of a loved one and while my loss may be more recent than some, it can make these occurrences feel more vivid.

Over the weekend I received the many boxes that I had packed up from my mother’s apartment.  While I started to sort them through I was overcome by the scent of her favorite perfume. It was reassuring and familiar and yet quite emotional.

This was obviously a time for reflection and memory overload. For me, at this time in my life, it was actually a positive experience.   We have items and tokens that we hold on to, that remind us of the original keeper/owner of said item. As we look at them, use them or hold them, it will hopefully bring back positive and warm thoughts, reflections and memories of time shared together.  I can’t change the past but I do have some say in how I live my life today and how I choose to experience things.  Certainly my relationship with my mother wasn’t always as positive as it was most recently. While I was a teenager, we certainly had our struggles; but with maturity, time and distance, things look and feel different.  These items can certainly trigger memories and I hope to be able to continue to feel the warmth that I do today when I use/see them tomorrow.

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