Mothers- We all had one…..

Originally posted on on May 13, 2014:

We all have had one and chances are this person shaped our lives more than any one else.
For many of us, our mothers were our first loving and significant relationship. Our mothers influenced us, guided us, taught us, and loved us- unconditionally.

I share many of the same traits as my mother. For better or worse, the things that I may not admire in her, I can see in myself. While we may look alike and I can see how I am going to age over the next several years, we also share some of those family traits and health concerns that are genetically familial.

Can your mother still push your buttons? Mine can- perhaps with a bit less intensity than before however the tone of voice, the words and body language can still trigger childhood feelings of approval, rejection and of course- my all time favorite- guilt.

For those of us whose mothers may not be around or if your mother is no longer able to recall your shared memories, this particular Hallmark holiday can be difficult.

I continue to have the utmost respect and admiration for adult children who are providing primary care to their parents. However I think it is important to recognize that sometimes your caregiving responsibilities should take a back seat to your role as adult child. Sometimes you just have to be the son or daughter.
-Audrey Miller

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