Newsletter December 2008

Elder Care Advice From The Managing Director

Happy Holidays! The month of December is a month filled with good cheer, time with family and friends, great food and the celebration of many different religious holidays. The balancing of home, work and caregiving during this time can be difficult. This month’s newsletter is dedicated to ways to keep the balance. It is our hope that the season will be a time of calm and hope and that the articles provided will encourage you to make the most of your holiday season. Wishing you good health and happiness this Holiday Season and peace in 2009.

A Cup of Care: A Pinch of Hope
Spending holidays with a family member who has dementia takes some planning.

When visiting with and sharing time with a family member who has dementia, the challenge is with the expectation. The Alzheimer’s Society notes that often caregivers must deal with feelings and emotions that arise when remembering past holidays when their family member was well. They may also feel overwhelmed with trying to maintain holiday traditions while keeping up their care giving responsibilities. They may worry about visitors who don’t feel comfortable around a person with dementia or about meeting expectations of friends, family and themselves. They may even feel guilty for not being able to get into the holiday spirit.

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The Holiday Check-In
With the holiday season around the corner, families will be spending more time together. The holidays can be a good time to notice change and be proactive in a supportive and non threatening way.

For many of us, holidays can be a difficult time. They can be filled with memories of past holidays and remembering loved ones who are no longer alive or who are no longer able to sit around the family table. For many it is a time of reflection, and a passing of time. It is hard for many of us as adult children to watch our parent’s health deteriorate. It is hard to see that their current health no longer allows them to remember the names of their grandchildren, or family recipes that they can no longer follow. If you live in a different city than your parents, the time spent together during the holiday can allow you to see how well they are managing. Be aware of the small things and things that are different. For example, is Mom now finishing Dad’s sentences because she always has or is he now not able to complete the sentence himself? Here are a few suggestions.

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Need a gift idea?

Is the holiday rush at stores making you frazzled? Is the pressure to buy, buy, buy making you feel more like a grinch than a giver? Why not consider a gift that will make a difference? Consider donating to your favorite charity. My choice this year is The Alzheimer’s Society. Please join me in helping to make a difference. Donate Online by Clicking Here!

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