Newsletter February 2011

Love and sex, two words that may be related.  As we get older, our desires, needs and feelings don’t necessarily change but opportunity and  mechanics may be a factor.

One common denominator is our heart. Whether it is brimming with affection or beating rapidly,  we need to take care of this special muscular organ.   

February is heart and stoke awareness month and  according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, in Canada someone will die from heart disease or a stroke every 7 minutes.   Throughout the month of February there are a number of ways to become involved with supporting the Heart and Stroke Foundation. For more information or to make a donation, visit the Heart and Stoke Foundation.

What are your thoughts on the issue of Seniors and Sex?  How about seniors with dementia living in a retirement or  long term care community?

Baycrest Hospital has a sexual guidelines committee and for the last few years have been working on creating appropriate guidelines for both staff and family members for their long term care home.

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