Newsletter June 2010

It is official- the warmer weather has arrived and while it is welcomed, we need to be aware of some of the dangers that excessive heat can cause- especially for seniors.  A few reminders will be listed below.   June is also Stroke awareness month and I have attached an article regarding rehabilitation post stroke.

When Your Loved One Has Had A Stroke

A stroke can be very traumatic. It often occurs suddenly, and the resulting damage can range from mild to severe. A person who has had a stroke will most often be admitted to a hospital for assessment and possible rehab; after which, the person will be discharged home.

According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, more than 14,000 Canadians will die from a stroke this year and after the age of 55, the risk of stroke doubles every 10 years. This will cost the health care system and the economy on average $2.7 billion a year in physician services, hospital costs, lost wages, and decreased productivity.

To find out more about your stroke risk, complete the stroke assesment quiz to receive your free health report.

Helpful summer tips 

According to the Occupational and Environmental Health Unit in Quebec there are an additional 3.5 deaths per day attributable to excessive heat when the humidex level is between 40 and 45. Seniors are placed at a higher risk level due to changes in their physiological features, slowed heat release capabilities and some medications and chronic illnesses.


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