Newsletter June 2011

The month of June celebrates many different things including Father’s Day, Brain Injury Awareness month, National Cancer Survivor’s Day, Stroke Awareness month and the beginning of summer holidays for elementary and high school students.

The newsletter this month focuses on a variety of topics ranging from summer safety to the benefits of long term care insurance.

Happy reading and enjoy our much awaited summer!

How to beat the heat!

Now that the warmer weather is actually here, I thought it was important to remind you what some of the summer safety tips are for beating the heat. It can be quite challenging trying to balance the right amount of heat exposure, water intake, sunscreen application, clothing layers, etc. but for people who have various health conditions or are faced with smog and extreme heat, not taking the necessary precautions can be dangerous.

Long Term Care Insurance

Although you wouldn’t necessarily think that Long Term Care Insurance fits into this month’s theme, you might be surprised. The idea is to help keep yourself protected from things that are not always avoidable.

A colleague of mine wrote a blog back in March about a situation where long term care insurance could have helped to support the client financially when they were no longer able to care for themselves. Although every insurance policy is different, we have had a number of clients benefit from these types of policies. Something to think about as food for thought. Please read more.

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