Newsletter May 2009

Elder Care Advice From The Managing Director

The month of May is halfway enjoyed and it has been busy. National Mental Health Week was May 4-10 and we celebrated Mother’s Day a week ago. We enjoyed a long weekend to celebrate Victoria Day and the warmer weather and longer days are certainly a welcome change. While we may take these days for granted I would like to invite you to follow the motto of the Mood Disorders Organization of Ontario and “have a check up from the neck up”. Good mental health is important for all of us and caregivers and care recipients are no exception. Take their quiz for more information.

Seniors and Mental Health:
Mood Disorders Canada, states that: ‘Getting old in our society is depressing – right? For most people aging means a series of progressive losses including withdrawal from work, loss of purpose, reduced independence, loss of friends, increased poverty, the risk of developing an illness leading to long-term disability, isolation and loneliness. Why wouldn’t you be depressed – right? WRONG! According to Health Canada older Canadians are healthier, more affluent, are living longer and more independent lives than ever before. Seniors are physically more active, are engaged with their families and in their communities and are becoming international globetrotters. They are challenging many of the negative stereotypes we hold about aging and showing us that life is for living with vigour and vitality.’ However, depression is the most common mental health concern for older adults, affecting between 15 to 20 percent of older adults living in the community. It is not a normal part of aging. Symptoms such as decreased energy, poor sleep and preoccupation with health problems should be viewed as possible symptoms of a treatable illness and are NOT a result of the aging process.


Memory Books:
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