Newsletter Summer 2009

Elder Care Advice From The Managing Director

Well it is official. Summer is here. Hopefully the time for many of you to rest, spend time with friends and family and recharge your batteries. This newsletter will focus on special considerations for seniors during this season including travelling, respite care and staying hydrated. As a double issue, I have also included an article on the Caregiver and Disability Tax credits which will undoubtably save you money.

Disability Tax Credit (DTC) , Caregiver Tax Credit (CTC) : Do I Qualify?

As a social worker I have worked with differently-abled individuals of all ages. Growing older with a disability raises questions for parents and adult children alike. For many parents raising a child with special needs, they worry who will look after their adult child when they are no longer capable. As well, many of us are looking after parents or other family members who require caregiving assistance. For both groups, there are questions as to which specialized services are available and concerns about accessing them as well as related costs. I have asked Ken Pope, lawyer and tax expert to provide answers to some commonly asked questions regarding the Disability Tax and the Caregiver Tax credit. It may not be tax time, but it is always good to know ways to save money and what you may be entitled to receive.

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Safe Summer Tips and Vacationing With Your Older Family Member

Summer is here which usually means extreme heat and smog alerts which is a concern to many of us in cities across Canada and the States.

Although we look forward to warmer weather to spend time outside with our families, going for walks or even being able to enjoy a glass of lemonade in the backyard, the heat can actually cause harm- especially to the elderly. Summer also means vacations and this may not be an easy diversion if you are a full time caregiver. Whether you travel with your older family member or need to explore respite care, there are several options to consider.

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I hope you have been enjoying these newsletters and I invite you to share them with a friend, colleague and family member. If there is a topic you would like to see covered, please send me your ideas.

Thank you!

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