Parents, Doctor’s Apts and More Questions

Originally published at May 16, 2013:

Have you ever asked your parent how their doctors’ appointment went and didn’t get a very thorough answer?

Many times we receive a one word response such as ‘fine’, which sounds familiar to most responses provided by our own teenagers.

Here are some helpful ways that an Elder Caring Care Manager can make both communication and medical follow up, clearer and easier to understand and implement.
We are able to advocate, we are able to ensure the client’s complaints and issues are heard and addressed; we are able to communicate the doctor’s information to involved family; we are able to arrange for any needed follow up appointments and most all, bring peace of mind to what can be a very challenging experience.

Many seniors say that don’t feel as if their doctor/specialist has heard them. We have found it helpful to review the concerns together and develop a list of questions that they would like addressed. We have accompanied many clients to specialist’s appointment, reducing their anxiety and ensuring that the requested questions are asked and addressed and equally important, the information is summarized and with consent, is shared with involved family/team members.

If you have concerns that your parent is not doing well, offer to go with them to their doctors/specialist’s appointment. However, sometimes family is not available.

We often wear the hat of advocate and navigator and from my experience I have noticed that supporting and enabling individuals goes a long way in making them feel understood, valued and heard.
-Audrey Miller
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