POA’s for Care: Part 2/2

Originally published in allaboutestates.ca on June 17, 2014:

Continuing from my previous blog, the subject of Power of Attorney for Personal Care continues to require our attention.

Fellow blogger Paul Fensom reviewed in his April 23, 2014 blog the results of the Scotia Poll finding that only 33% of respondents had a POA for property. My strong suspicion is that it is even less for personal care POA’s. Ontarians are gamblers. Plain and simple. If you don’t consider and complete this important paperwork, you are taking a chance and with all the variables involved, I am not sure the odds are in your favour that your wishes will be followed.

I understand that it can be onerous to think about, however if you don’t, you may be leaving your last days not only to chance but perhaps to the unscrupulous decision makers that you did not choose.

While being appointed as a POA is an honor, it is also a tremendous responsibility. Not all of us have or desire family members to assume this role. Many times I have seen friends rise to the challenge. An earlier blog shares what creative friends can accomplish.

I attended the B’nai Brith Estate Lawyers annual conference last week. The Rasouli case was reviewed and if there was ever incentive to ensure that your wishes are written down and shared with your loved ones and decision makers, this is the case.

-Audrey Miller

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