Sixty, Sexy and Striving

Originally posted in on October 3, 2013:

‘Sixty, Sexy and Striving’
…is the title of a new documentary being produced by a group of 20-somethings. When I was first approached by the Ryerson student interested in creating a film about seniors and sex, I was pleased to assist. Life after Loss is a topic I have been interested in pursuing for some time. The ability to find love again after losing a life partner is of particular interest to me.

As I am enjoying life in my 50’s, I was suddenly taken aback when the question of whether those in their 60’s were having sex was highlighted. I suppose that in our minds, while those of us who are 60 + may feel many years younger, many in the younger generation do not view it that way. Of course, those in their 60’s enjoy sexuality – don’t they?

While I would rather that their topic title was Seventy, Sexy and Striving, I continue to absolutely agree that this topic deserves attention.

I know many individuals who have found healthy and loving relationships after losing a partner/spouse of many years. I believe sexual relations and recognizing oneself as a wholistic, sexual being to be part of the equation. If it is not, a better understanding of why and how to address this abstinence is warranted.

On behalf of these student filmmakers from Toronto’s Ryerson University, I am putting out a casting call.

We are seeking charismatic seniors from a range of different backgrounds around the GTA to interview for our documentary. Ideally, we want individuals who do not mind speaking openly about their past and present sex life.
To apply, please email with your name, age, and some details about yourself.

please share!- Audrey Miller

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