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Spring 2012

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Word from the Managing Director

Spring is here and the Easter/Passover holidays are now concluding. I had the pleasure of having my mother join us for our celebration. We cooked together, laughed together, sang together and even cried together. However, there was still an empty place at our table. Was there someone missing around your table this year? Not only does death take people away, but sometimes family conflicts can result in a loss as well. As we reflect on previous times, perhaps through rose coloured glasses, I think that we should also look ahead to see if there is some way to extend forgiveness or acceptance to those who chose to be missing from the family table this year.

Falls are the number one reason for senior’s admissions into the hospital. The majority of falls occur within the home and more specifically, within the bathroom. However, like my mother, who was walking down the street, caught her shoe on uneven pavement and down she went, falls can happen anywhere. Fortunately it was her nose that she broke and not her hip…..

Remaining mobile is paramount. In acknowledgment of Physiotherapy Awareness Month I have attached an article by Gwen Rose, Physiotherapist, in which she outlines her top 5 picks to help maintain functional independence.
“A Physiotherapist’s Top Five Product Picks”

April 16th 2012 is Advance Care Planning Day

Do you know what Advance Care Planning means? How about end of life decisions? Do you know about the importance of communicating to loved ones, friends and physicians about ones’ own future health care wishes and end of life care? We all have choices and it is imperative that we vocalize them before we are no longer able. April 16, 2012 is the Annual National Advance Care Planning Day. READ MORE.

For more information on this topic join the “Speak up Campaign” and support the Annual National Advance Care Planning Day.

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