Survey says………(RBC Myths & Realities Poll, Oct. 2013)

Published at on October 30, 2013 – 6:30 am | by Audrey Miller

In keeping with my fellow bloggers True or False questions, I have a few of my own:

– Canadians prefer to live with family members who could provide care to them rather than on their own.

– Ontarians prefer to live in their own homes within their own communities rather than in a retirement setting.

– Retirement residences and Long Term Care facilities offer the same level of care and cost the same.

– Falls are a leading cause of why older individuals leave their homes.

– Health changes are the primary reason why people move out of their homes.

– Grab bars in the bathroom are a cosmetic feature rather than helpful in preventing falls.

= Emergency contact information should be placed in a highly visible spot, such as on your refrigerator.

– Your POA’s documentation should be well hidden away or kept in a safety deposit box.

– My end of life choices are my own and should be kept private and to myself.

– Planning ahead is for sissies!

How did you do?

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