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Long-distance caregivers of the elderly torn between two locations ANNA SHARRATT, Special to The Globe and Mail Published Thursday, Mar. 24, 2016 7:56AM EDT When it comes to caring for her sister-in-law Bea, who at 62 has had Alzheimer’s for 14 years and lives alone, Janice Kraayenhof has tried to think of everything. She has […]

As a boomer, I have spent much time talking with my (women) friends about what we want for ourselves in a ‘retirement’ community. I am not sure that ‘retirement’ is the right word. I don’t plan on stopping work- any time soon. Until our (adult) children are launched, it is difficult to imagine picking up […]

Why Boomers are Doomed: My Reflection

by Audrey Miller on September 9, 2013

in Baby Boomers

Originally published in allaboutestates, Sept 9, 2013: The cover story of the Sept 9, 2013 edition of MACLEAN’s magazine was my light reading on a recent trip to Winnipeg. There were so many key points raised in the article; I knew this would be the subject of my next blog. While I always look towards […]

By: Kristin Kent Special to the Toronto Star, Published on Fri Jun 28 2013 Renya Onasick knows the challenges of caregiving. As a parent, an involved daughter and long-distance caregiver of her mother, Onasick is engaged in all family matters. This involvement comes with a price: the costs for eldercare, a critical component of future […]

Originally published at A refrain that I have been hearing/sharing over the last few days is ”we may not like their decisions, but it is their decision to make” ( as long as they are capable). Every day as capable adults we take risks, whether it is walking when the light is red or […]