Originally posted @ allaboutestates.ca Last week I had a pleasure of attending the 100th birthday of one of my (favourite) clients. She is one of the lucky ones as she still lives in her own home and is able to afford 24/7 care. She has a wonderful care team who have been consistently providing care […]

Originally posted @allaboutestates.ca Compassionate Care Benefits, slowly but surely we are making progress. 28% of Canadians aged 15 and over provide care to family members or friends with long term health conditions (2012, Statistics Canada, Family Caregiving: What are the consequences). We are well aware that as we are an aging society there will be […]

Originally published at allaboutestates.ca May 16, 2013: Have you ever asked your parent how their doctors’ appointment went and didn’t get a very thorough answer? Many times we receive a one word response such as ‘fine’, which sounds familiar to most responses provided by our own teenagers. Here are some helpful ways that an Elder […]