estates We are looking for: *Single adult, age 65 plus and *in good health and *fiscally responsible and *family history of stroke, diabetes, Parkinson, dementia, (fill in the blank) and *no adult children living close by or no adult children with whom you are speaking or *no family or no family closeby with whom you […]

allaboutestates, August 9, 2012: Actually the article title in the July 26th Globe and Mail was ‘Researchers find dangerous bacteria in hospital sinks.’ I had previously blogged on the importance of hand washing to reduce infections in hospitals ). I reported that according to Ontario Council of Hospital Unions, hospital acquired infections are the fourth […]

allaboutestates. July 31, 2012: The more people/families I meet, the more I am amazed that there can be so much conflict that continues….. Many estate practices are busy because of familial conflict. We all know families that are not on speaking terms. In most cases, money has something to do with it. However there is […]