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Originally posted @allaboutestates.ca After 70 years of marriage Norman and Mae are told by our government that in order to get the care they need, they need to live separately. Certainly there is something not right about this statement, yet as hard as it is to believe, that was the story reported in the National […]

Originally posted @allaboutestates.ca A play that speaks louder than words.   I had the pleasure of watching an “innovative research-based theatre production that raises important questions about the dominant ‘tragic’ ways persons with dementia are understood and treated in our society.” Based on research by health researchers, Dr. Sherry Dupuis and team highlight the very common […]

A Holiday Jingle

by Audrey Miller on December 17, 2014

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A little holiday jingle ….. with new stanzas added. T’was the fight before Christmas, when all families know, It’s better to forgive than tell them to F. O., Mom probably liked you better, if memory serves, So while I am a P.O.A., she will get what she deserves. Come on siblings and get off your […]

Originally posted at www.allaboutestates.ca on December 8, 2014 I spent the weekend visiting with my mother. Catching up with her also includes hearing about her friends and what is new in their lives. The update I heard about many of them was very similar. Their health was failing and their children/grandchildren were not visiting (enough). […]

Originally published on June 20, 2013 at allaboutestates.ca My friend’s mother won the lottery! How much money did she win? Nothing What gift did she win? Nothing So, what did she win? A bed at ________________ Long Term Care facility! No kidding. This is exactly how families feel when they get their first choice for […]

Originally published in allaboutestates.ca March 18, 2013: Last week two female residents of a Long Term Care facility were assaulted and one was fatally injured by another resident of the same facility. At the time of writing of this blog, details were not known. The cognitive state of the accused is unclear and whether or […]