Thank you to our Caregivers with the Gift of Time

I wanted to take this opportunity during a very hectic and busy time of year, to pause and to say thank you. It is your kind words and being able to ease your worry that reminds us of why we do what we do. More than common courtesy, which doesn’t seem to be so common any more; showing care and concern, offering a kind word, a smile or hug, are the gifts that can make the difference. These gestures are the true gifts and are ours to give and they don’t cost any money. Thank you.

This holiday season, in addition to the Gifts of Communication, please consider giving the Gift of Time.

In recognition for all you do, I want to do something special for you!
I want to…
___ help out around the house
___ bring your family a meal
___ run an errand/pick up groceries
___ offer a drive to an appointment
___ shovel snow
___ spend time with  (person requiring care)
___ Other


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