The Emotional Cost of Caregiving

May 3, 2011; By: Audrey Miller
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Last week I blogged on the financial cost of caregiving. My colleague, Jasmine Sweatman continued the theme in her blog HEALTHCARE – A CANADIAN’S RIGHT OR RESPONSIBILITY?

Tonight on the eve of the election results, I wonder if things will be different. I doubt that the cost of caregiving will change (except to increase) but perhaps how the tax credits/incentives/allowances get packaged will be. My blog this week is on the emotional cost of caregiving which I will keep short and sweet for fear that the truth will not set you free but perhaps keep you from taking on this responsibility.

While many embark on this journey unwillingly, some do seek it out. For many, the role is rewarding and fulfilling. For others, the challenge of assuming yet another responsibility becomes overwhelming. Caregiver burnout is the greatest risk factor. Some caregivers describe losing their own sense of self in the process – forgetting their own needs and desires. Caregiver burnout takes many different forms and may result in the caregiver having their own health problems. Never apologize for asking for help. Don’t assume others know what you need, and speak up. Talk to your doctor, a professional counsellor, or consider joining a support group.

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