The First of the Firsts

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Everything is different since Covid began and the activities we used to take for granted are now being sorely missed. Family celebrations are so important and there were many that could not be celebrated together. This past Thanksgiving’s meal, for example, was enjoyed as a take out dinner instead of making a turkey for 4 when it is usually at least 14 of us around the dining room table. Covid was to blame.  The bigger challenges are those milestones, when there is an empty seat at the table.  The ‘first of the first’ since a loved one has passed away. Many of us have lost a parent or grandparent since Covid began- whether directly due to having Covid or as a secondary result due to isolation, inactivity, delay of medical appointments or cancellation of surgeries. Regardless of cause, death leaves a sadness that is hard to shake. The first year has most of the ‘first of the first’ events.  If this is your first year after having lost a parent/loved one, as it is mine, I do hope that we can still remember the sadness of the loss in years 5, 10 and 25. We not only want to remember the person who we miss today, but tomorrow also.

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