You Are As Young As You Feel, Or Are You?

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Over the last few months I have attended two 90th birthday parties. Both had a common theme for me, which was how good it is to have family and friends around. Both of these 90 year old gentleman are still sharp, engaging and while less active than they once were, they maintained the same sparkle in their eyes that I had known for some time. They both said that while they did feel their age, they were very glad to experience every day ‘this side of the grass’.  When discussing aging with others, a very common refrain is “I don’t feel my age” and “I feel exactly as I did 20, 30, 40 years ago”. So which is it? Perhaps the distinction is how one is physically and what ailments they may be living with at that particular time.

I too recently celebrated a milestone bday (let’s just say the 90 year olds have a few years on me) and the sentiment of not feeling one’s age holds true for me too. While I may not feel any older, my morning aches and pains tell me that I am. I am grateful to have gained a lifetime of experience and knowledge and have learnt so much from those around me, with whom I live, love and work.  I celebrate birthdays and am glad to have another day on ‘this side of the grass’.

Perhaps we have two speeds, the one we feel emotionally and spiritually (high?) and the one we feel physically (low?).  It is important to honor both in our daily interactions with each other.

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