Young Carers, Return to School and Hip Hop

Originally published at on August 29, 2013:

While students had a summer holiday from their studies, many young carers did not get a break from their caregiving responsibilities.

Recent research from the Vanier Institute of the Family reveals that 12% of young people identify themselves as being a caregiver. (Please see my previous blog)

In the year since the publication of “The Elephant in the Room” from the Vanier Institute of the Family, an Action Canada Taskforce completed a report highlighting the case of Young Caregivers. The report provides a number of recommendations, all in the hopes of providing additional support and recognition to these young people. These recommendations include improving national data collection and research in order to better understand the dynamics of young caregivers across Canada and recommendations to develop a multi-sector approach recognizing that Young Carers need support in different areas of their lives, from school to health and social services.

The Action Canada Report’s Executive Summary reminds us that “Young Carers are young people who provide significant care to family members because of illness, disability, or other challenges. While Young Carers are found in every classroom in Canada, they are too often invisible to their teachers and others who could provide sup-port when needed. Because of this, Young Carers may not receive the care they need. When properly supported, young caregiving can be a positive life experience. But without proper support, Young Carers can run into educational, health and social barriers that can last a lifetime. These barriers translate into costs and lost opportunities for Young Carers and for society.”

Please enjoy Lucky, The Young Carer Rap Video that shines light on this group.

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