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Originally posted on February 18, 2016: Regular readers of this blog will know that I work with financial advisors  and families providing education around the cost of caring.  Education is important so that financial plans can be realistically based on what we can anticipate rather than what we don’t know.  The ‘unknown’ is just […]

I wanted to take this opportunity during a very hectic and busy time of year, to pause and to say thank you. It is your kind words and being able to ease your worry that reminds us of why we do what we do. More than common courtesy, which doesn’t seem to be so common […]

As a boomer, I have spent much time talking with my (women) friends about what we want for ourselves in a ‘retirement’ community. I am not sure that ‘retirement’ is the right word. I don’t plan on stopping work- any time soon. Until our (adult) children are launched, it is difficult to imagine picking up […]

Originally posted at on December 8, 2014 I spent the weekend visiting with my mother. Catching up with her also includes hearing about her friends and what is new in their lives. The update I heard about many of them was very similar. Their health was failing and their children/grandchildren were not visiting (enough). […]

Buyer Beware: You Get What You Pay For

by Audrey Miller on November 4, 2014

in Baby Boomers

Would you pay for financial advice from someone who does a little investing on the side? Would you take real estate/home buying advice from the nice guy next door? Would you have your renovation done by a carpenter who has only worked on their own home? Would you have your brakes fixed by the corner […]

Originally posted in Nov 15, 2013: The Vanier Institute of the Family published their latest Contemporary Family Trends, called Death, Dying and Canadian Families, written by Dr. Katherine Arnup, highlighting the Canadian death experience. This is an excellent paper that discusses the change in the experience over the last years. I have summarized some […]

Originally published in on July 9, 2013 I want to go gently into the good night- like most of us. However we don’t all get to choose. Last week I attended the shiva of a wonderful man who was a client of mine for many years. I had initially met his family when his […]

Saving HST When Hiring A PSW

by Audrey Miller on April 12, 2013

in Baby Boomers, Caregiving, Elder Care

Originally published at April 12, 2013: I have previously blog on the emotional and financial cost of providing care at home. Both can be very costly. There are some ways to save money when hiring home care assistance. The caveat is that publicly funded services of a personal support worker (PSW) need to already […]

In certain circumstances, HST can be waived when hiring a PSW. See if you qualify.

Avoiding Caregiver Burnout

by Audrey Miller on April 9, 2013

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Watch and listen to my Vlog on avoiding caregiver burnout.