• MARCH 28, 2022
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    Supporting Caregivers – Every Day

    Originally posted @allaboutestates.ca As we finally say goodbye to March and hopefully our  cold, snowy Canadian weather, I am looking forward to warmer days and resuming our new normal, whatever that might look like.  With April around the corner, our new…

    • MARCH 7, 2022
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    ” I am woman, hear me roar…”

    …In numbers too big to ignore And I know too much to go back an’ pretend ‘Cause I’ve heard it all before” -Helen Reddy 1971 Originally posted @allaboutestates.ca As the ‘regular’ Monday blogger, I am very pleased to have an opportunity to connect…

    • FEBRUARY 7, 2022
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    Carebots are (hopefully) coming soon!

    Posted from allaboutestates.ca It was 3 years ago this week that I enjoyed my last big trip away; a trip to Japan and Taiwan, that now feels like a life time ago. At that time Japan was leading the field in their use of technology and care robots.  They are…

    • JANUARY 31, 2022
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    Latest National Draft Standards for Long Term Care

    Originally published at allaboutestates.ca I spent much time yesterday reading the National Standard of Canada guidelines from the Health Standards Organization draft report on developing new standards for Long Term Care. This draft document is titled “Long-Term…

    • JANUARY 17, 2022
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    We are all feeling something…..different

    Originally posted @allaboutestates.ca Today’s newsfeed story: “It’s just another pandemic Monday”  Thank you Heather Mallick, Monday January 17, 2022.  I guess we are all feeling ‘something’. Yesterday was my father’s birthday.  He would have…

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  • Giving Tuesday November 28, 2022
    This past weekend was the American Thanksgiving.  Black Friday sales and shopping and ‘savings’ ( an oxymoron, no?) advertisements were everywhere. Fortunately there is penance to be had with GivingTuesday, which is  tomorrow.  I can dissuade any guilt by giving to those less fortunate.   According to givingtuesday.ca, this is “a... The post Giving Tuesday appeared […]
    Audrey Miller
  • Please Pass the Gravy November 21, 2022
    Reposted as timeless advice: Now that border crossings have opened, many families will be traveling this week for the American Thanksgiving holiday. If you live in a different city than your parents, the time spent together during the holiday can allow you to see how well they are managing. Be... The post Please Pass the […]
    Audrey Miller
  • November is (Please) Make A Will Month November 14, 2022
    Reposted: My fellow bloggers and I write frequently about Powers of Attorney, however my concerns are often focused on the lack of planning when it comes to making Powers of Attorney for both Personal Care and Property. More specifically, although I do not have any statistical data, my subject matter... The post November is (Please) […]
    Audrey Miller
  • Thoughtful Planning is Never a Waste of Time November 7, 2022
    and most importantly, this is a story with a happy ending 🙂 I  would like to tell you about a friend of mine, who I’ll call D. D’s father developed signs of dementia in his late 70’s. Her mother began showing signs in her mid-80’s, and was formally diagnosed with... The post Thoughtful Planning is […]
    Audrey Miller
  • Time to take our heads out of the sand and embrace the challenges and gifts of dementia care October 31, 2022
    Guest blogger: Sasha Adler MSW, RSW (clinical manager with Elder Caring Inc.) CanAge, just released a startling report  that assesses Canada’s level of preparedness for the “massive influx of dementia patients that experts warn is set to overwhelm our health care system in the coming years”. To help visualize this... The post Time to take […]
    Audrey Miller