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By: Sherri Nefsky The Canadian Jewish News February 10, 2005 It is hard to know when it is time to start worrying about the health and well being of aging parents and relatives. When is forgetting where they put something a cause for concern and when is it simply a lapse? When are changes in […]

By: Linda Stuart Women’s Health Matters August 2007 You’re not alone, there are resources to help — and it’s vital to take care of yourself, too. These were some of the words of wisdom offered to caregivers looking after older family members, during a session on eldercare at the 2007 Women’s Health Matters Forum & Expo […]

OANHSS News Winter 2007 “Caregiving isn’t like retirement planning,” says Bob Spence, owner of an eldercare consulting service in Toronto.  “It’s not something that people think about until they absolutely need to.”  In fact most family caregivers often only seek help when they are burned out and looking for assistance. Fortunately, help is available.  The […]