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Geriatric Care Management

Originally posted at on November 4, 2014: Families always want to know if they have the most difficult family, ever. They ask if I have ever worked with such family dysfunction and ask if I know of any other families as difficult or as unreasonable as theirs. My answer? The only normal families are […]

Originally published at   Seniors Finance and Caregiving As we age, we face new challenges and have different financial needs. Seniors Finance and Care is a new part of the RBC Advice Centre where we will be sharing advice and information on a range of topics that are relevant for Seniors and their families […]

Originally published at on July 30, 2014. The Globe and Mail’s ‘Public Editor’, Ms. Sylvia Stead, wrote a piece in the July 26, 2014 Saturday paper called ‘When capturing a life in a few hundred words, try to avoid mistakes’. Good advice. I have been reading obits for the last few decades and I […]

Brought to you from the RBC, Seniors Finance & Caregiving advice site: Download Emergency Contact Sheet

Originally posted in on April 16, 2014: This week many families will gather together to celebrate Spring and the holidays that are celebrated at this time of year. We were 16 around my table this past Monday evening as we retold the story- in fact many stories were retold. My grandmother’s crystal wine glasses […]

Originally posted in on April 8, 2014 by Pauline Morris, MSW, RSW, social worker with Elder Caring and guest blogger: We are all meeting and assisting seniors in our practices, and working with the caregivers of those who are not so well. Communicating with them can be a major barrier. Many of our clients […]

Originally posted in on March 21, 2014 As a Geriatric Care Manager I assist families in making plans for their future. In-home care is a service that many families need. While the public sector does what it can in providing in home care to eligible families, it is simply, not enough. Families often have […]

Originally published in on March 5, 2014: Are your clients/family members planning on heading south for a few weeks in this everlasting winter? While we can all appreciate a great break from the cold, there are some issues that should be part of the planning process. Will they drive themselves? Some options include: hiring […]