Work Life Balance

allaboutestates, July 5, 2012 At some point in our lives, regardless of age, most of us will experience being a carer. Anyone can become a carer; carers come from all walks of life, all cultures and can be of any age. Many feel they are doing what anyone else would in the same situation; looking […]

November 10, 2011; By: Audrey Miller All About Estates While caring for an aging parent, raising children, and working full-time, caregivers juggle many responsibilities. So how can caregivers manage their time? What options do they have? What is the different between home care and community based care? Is it worth paying a Personal Support Worker […]

November 2, 2011; By: Audrey Miller All About Estates I read a recent article on older Canadians staying at work and not retiring due to economic necessity (Globe and Mail, October 27, 2011). This raises concerns on several fronts. While the article quoted from Statscan research that ‘older Canadians who have fully retired typically report […]

October 25, 2011; By: Audrey Miller All About Estates With economic uncertainty, an aging population and fewer workers, a Canadian study is underway to document the Availability, Accessibility and Effectiveness of Workplace Supports In Canada. The purpose of the study is to determine what types of workplace supports employers in the private, public, broader public […]

July 28, 2011; By: Audrey Miller All About Estates Last week I blogged on the important role of professional care providers. This blog discusses the challenges of hiring a care provider. This article has been reprinted from CARP and I have attached a link to the original article. Along with the decision to explore caregiving […]

April 14, 2011; By: Audrey Miller All About Estates “More than 2.3 million Canadian employees currently have caregiving responsibilities. Many experience work-life conflict serious enough to affect their job performance. Population aging guarantees that most of us will combine work and caregiving.” These quotes were taken from a wonderful round table discussion that I had […]

November 18, 2010; By: Audrey Miller All About Estates I have been reading the recent newspaper articles on the cost of caregiving and how it affects women, especially those ready to retire in the next short while. This also raises the issue of older worker retention and the loss of knowledge that companies anticipate as […]

September 10, 2010; By: Audrey Miller All About Estates I will be blogging about the personal side of estates including elder care planning, family communication and balancing care giving issues. As we age, all of us will be dealing with elder care issues, for ourselves, our families, and our clients. How we approach it and […]

By: Lesley Alderman NY Times March 12, 2010 TWO years ago my father, then 83, became very ill. Until then, he had been living alone in a pleasant one-bedroom apartment on the Hudson River, an hour’s drive from my home in Brooklyn. After a couple of months in the hospital it became clear that my […]

The Compassionate Employer- National Post October 2004By: Meg Federico The National Post’s Family Caregiver News Magazine Fall 2004 Dennis Fielding, Vice President of Kingsway Financial Services in Ontario knows first hand how stressful caregiving can be. Married, with a demanding career and three teen aged sons, Fielding found himself taking on more and more responsibility […]