Work Life Balance

Elder Care Advice From The Managing Director Well it is official. Summer is here. Hopefully the time for many of you to rest, spend time with friends and family and recharge your batteries. This newsletter will focus on special considerations for seniors during this season including travelling, respite care and staying hydrated. As a double […]

Elder Care Advice From The Managing Director When I first started working from my home office in 1991, I had small children who were often underfoot requiring care and attention. While I was able to have a caregiver working at the house with the children, I found myself constantly needing to balance work deadlines and […]

Eleven Reasons to Hire a Professional Geriatric Care Manager We are professionals who have the knowledge, training, and experience to do what you are trying to do without it. We can do in 2 hours what it would take you 2 weeks to do. We know how to get around that “I’m saving for a […]

The key is in the word “service”.  Although you may be able to access specific facilities and/or geriatric care providers through the government, there are often lengthy wait times to get the answers you need, and you are limited to the tools/resources publicly available.  We get to know you and your needs, and can offer […]

We are professionals and all team members are regulated health professionals in the province in which we work. All social workers at Elder Caring are registered in the Province and have years of  experience directly in the field. This expertise and professionalism is what makes the difference between hiring us and hiring someone who simply […]

Several companies that provide personal support workers/companions will indicate that they provide complimentary case management. We assist in firstly determining what the individual’s needs are and then work with you to select the best candidate. Once you have made a hiring decision, we are able to comment on whether the caregiver is doing what he/she […]

This is an excellent example of the role the Elder Care Consultant from Elder Caring Inc. can play. As an adult, balancing work, family, and elder care can become a challenge whether your parent lives next door or out of town or province. One solution is to hire an Elder Care Consultant. An Elder Care […]

By: Audrey Miller MSW, RSW, CCRC, CCLCP CARP February 2009 As a Geriatric Care Manager, I receive inquiries from families regarding assistance for themselves and their older family members. There may come a time when a family member says: “I just can’t do it anymore all by myself”.  Along with the decision to explore caregiving […]

By: Audrey Miller MSW, RSW, CCRC, CCLCP The HR Professional December 2008 With the beginning of the baby boom generation turning 65, employers are faced with an interesting challenge. As this large group retires, there will be a shortage of skilled and experienced workers especially in the upper echelons of many businesses. How can employers […]

By: Audrey Miller MSW, RSW, CCRC, CCLCP Solutions Magazine Summer 2007 One in four working Canadians experiences high levels of caregiver strain. Four types of caregiver strain resulting from stress have been defined: emotional (depression, anxiety, emotional exhaustion) physical, financial, and family strain. Caregiver strain has been positively associated with absenteeism due to elder care […]